Infinty Pool

The infinity pool of “Agrigreen La Lama” has been designed to create a proper oasis of relax for the guests.

A dive into the green

The new pool, created in line with the new safety precautions for the Tuscan Region, has been built with cement and covered with coloured lime.The location has been carefully chosen to allow the guests to relax and enjoy a gorgeous view.
The maximum depth of the pool is 1.35 meters and has a 360ﹾ view. It is 4x12.50 meters and has a big staircase so as to allow you to access it safely.

In harmony with nature

The innovative colours allow the water to have a colour that’s in harmony with the surrounding environment. This changed the morphology of the existing land, and for this reason it’s partially off the land. The filtration and disinfection system are up to date with the new technology and the drains have been adapted so as to not pollute the surrounding land and water-bearing layer.

Our oasis of relax

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