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Our agricultural business takes up about 40 hectares of space and everything is produced around the three farmhouses, which are at the peak of a valley that is kissed by the sun, from sunrise to sunset.

Oil and wine

The agricultural company at “Agrigreen La Lama” is located at the doors of the city of Arezzo, which is the last boundary between the rural zone and city area.
We have six hectares of vineyards where we produce grapes for almost all of Sangiovese. We also have the certification of the CHIANTI DOCG zone.
One of the valleys is completely covered by approximately 500 olive trees that are about 50 or 60 years old, from which we pick our olives to produce our excellent Extra virgin Oil.

Our Cultivation

Our other land gets farmed following the cultivation rotation: grain, sunflowers, etc…
Inside the property, you will find two lakes,one that was previously a hunting lake and another that’s around one hectare, where you’ll find fish.
We produce honey thanks to our flower field. We have adopted three beehives that get cured by expert personnel who supply us with the finished product, which we then put in jars according to normal vineyards regulations.

Medieval Vegetable Garden

For a couple of years, we have been setting up a medieval vegetable garden that we share with the guests.In a raised vegetable patch, made with planks from old wine kegs, we farm seasonal vegetables such as aubergines, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and radicchio.
The guests at Agrigreen La Lama can help themselves to the vegetable garden. Every day we produce fresh products without any chemical agents thanks to the fact that we follow the organic agriculture mandate.

In harmony with the Earth’s fruits.

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